Court House, Gaol and General Building

Constructed in 1903, the structure is similar to other government buildings of the day in Greenspond, Bonavista and Placentia. In addition to the court and jail, the building housed the police constable and his family, the Customs House, the Magistrate’s Office and the Post & Telegraph Office.

In 2010 the Historical Society is carrying out a number of renovations on this building.  Some of the renovations include replacing the existing tower roof with a replica of the original (shown below).  There will also be a number of interior renovations which will include completing the third floor and upgrading the electrical through out the building.  There is also a number of exterior renovations which includes replacing clapboard and new paint, installing a clock in the tower which was once there and replacing all the windows with locally handcrafted windows including storms. This building is used as a public space and has rental units for businesses, if you are interested in renting an area please contact us for further details.

For more information on the Court House, Gaol and General Building please visit the Heritage foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador.