Summer Seminar Series

Thu Aug 1st 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Rocky's Place, Trinity, NL

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Trudy Morgan-Cole

Imagining Women’s Histories: A Novelist’s Approach to the Historical Record.

Trudy Morgan-Cole is a writer and educator in St. John's. With a BA in History and a long career teaching Social Studies, she sometimes says she has just enough education to know what a historian is and recognize she's deeply dependent on the work of professional historians! Her historical fiction includes By the Rivers of Brooklyn, That Forgetful Shore, Most Anything You Please, and A Sudden Sun. She loves re-imagining the lost voices of women in history. Her Cupids trilogy, a fictional exploration of the earliest English settlements in Newfoundland, began with A Roll of the Bones in 2019, continued in Such Miracles and Mischiefs in 2021, and concluded in 2023 with A Company of Rogues. All of Trudy's Newfoundland historical fiction has been published by Breakwater Books. You can find out more about her work at: