Summer Seminar Series

Thu Aug 15th 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Rocky's Place, Trinity, NL

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Robyn Lacy and Ian Petty

Remember me as you pass by: Gravestone Preservation in Newfoundland.

Robyn Lacy
Robyn's bio: Robyn Lacy is a historical archaeologist and PhD candidate in archaeology at MUNL. She is an expert in 17th-century burial practices, and has been working in heritage for over a decade. Her upcoming book on the use of protective symbols in gravestone art, is being published in Sept 2024 with Berghahn Books.

Ian Petty
Ian's bio: Ian Petty is a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary program at MUN, studying historic logging practices in the Millertown Division, 1860-1960. He has been working in heritage for 14 years, and is a specialist in material culture analysis.