Education Programs

The Trinity Historical Society, in partnership with the Provincial Historic Sites, has developed an educational program that provides a hands-on approach to teaching students about the past so that they will have a greater apprectation of life in years gone past.

Our historic sites accompanied with our experienced tour guides can give teachers the resource they need to interpret the past and better present the desired curriculum. A visit to Trinity will enable students to look back in time and see life as it was in the early days.

To book, please contact Daphne at 709-464-3599 or

School Programs

The Trinity Experience

We invite you to come and visit Historic Trinity for your “End of the School Year” field trip, where the past is visibly present! You may choose to take a guided tour of all six sites or choose the three that your class would find most interesting. As they complete their tour, students participate in interactive games and activities relative to each site and appropriate for their age and grade level.

Teacher’s Guide for Trinity Experience